2 Factors to keep in mind when shopping online

There have been debates for a while on whether shopping online is ideal or should people use land based stores. The answer depends with the consumer and what they prefer and from the numbers lately, a lot of people seem to be going for the online purchases option. You need to choose quality Singapore shopping mall sites to buy clothes from and the following is a guide that you can use for the same.

Assess their terms and conditions

When checking what the terms and conditions to shopping from the site are, a few issues like the return policy and the payment methods must be considered. In case you purchase the wrong clothes from a store, will you be allowed to return it or will you have to count your losses. You also need to ascertain the transaction channels you are given just to make sure that you can pay for the clothes that you have chosen.

Check customer reviews

A lot of online businesses strive to serve their clients in the best way possible to avoid the consequences of having bad reviews on their websites. You should also not be a fool to skip checking the testimonials of other customers before you shop with any site. Any signs of poor services and complaints should be warning signs for you to take seriously.