Staying Safe When Buying Gems In Bangkok

Bangkok is an excellent destination to visit if you want to purchase high-quality gemstones, with many reputable dealers in the city. Bangkok is a primary trading centre for finished jewellery and coloured gemstones, so there often some excellent bargains available. However, as it is such a lucrative industry, some people will rip you off, so you need to remain vigilant and be careful which company you use to purchase your gems. Below is some advice to help you stay safe when travelling to Bangkok and buy gemstones for whatever reason.

Know What You Want To Buy

Before you even jump on the plane, you will want to educate yourself in what you want to buy. You will need to know what makes a quality gem and what to look for when you inspect them. When you understand what you are buying, it will be easier to spot when someone is looking to rip you off, and you will also need to do some research to find reputable gem dealers that you can visit when you arrive in Bangkok.

Research Potential Gem Dealers

You can search online to find some potential gem dealers that are reputable, and you can visit when you arrive in Bangkok. You will want to find gemstone dealers that specialise in what you are looking to purchase, and you can get a lot of helpful information using the internet. Many people will leave reviews of their dealings with companies, giving you excellent insight into how they operate. It is also vital that you check the companies can provide gemstone testing and all their gems come with certificates.

Paying For Your Purchase

One way that you can help to ensure you have maximum coverage if things go wrong during your purchase is to pay with a credit card. You will have much more consumer protection when you pay using this method, and if a company says they only accept cash, this should set off alarm bells. Debit cards offer similar protection, but it is not as comprehensive, so pay with a credit card if you can, and it will give you added peace of mind.

Taking Your Purchase Home

You will want to ensure that you do not pack your gems in your hand luggage or your suitcase once you have made your purchase and you are heading home. Keep your gemstones on your person so you know they are safe, and it is an excellent idea to have a money belt that you can keep them and your essential documents in so they are safe.