Steps to make Lolita Hair Fashion Accessories

Lolita is really a term which is used to explain a sub-culture of fashion that began in Japan. It grew to become tremendously famous 1980 which is still popular today. The Lolita type of fashion is dependant on the gorgeous and innocent baby dolls which were produced within the Victorian times.

Many people who love this particular style put on full-skirted and frilly dresses. Some might even include pinafores using their dresses. Other Lolita fashion accessories include lace stockings which are normally knee high and Mary Jane footwear. Large bows, bonnets and small straw hats with lace are usually incorporated for that hair. To do a Lolita outfit, overstated hair fashion accessories should be worn. For instance, you may create and put on a sizable bow.

Cutting the very first Fabric Piece

To create a Lolita bow fashion accessory, you have to purchase fabric. The material could be something that matches all of your Lolita outfit.

Cut a bit of fabric that’s nine inches wide by 22 inches lengthy. After cutting the material, you will have to put it in your worktable. Keep in mind that the material ought to be put on your worktable wrong side up.

Folding the very first Fabric Piece

Once you have placed the material in your worktable wrong side up, you will have to fold the material. Fold the material at approximately one-half inch on every side of the material. You are able to glue the folded ends along with fabric glue.

Next, you will have to fold the 2 longest edges from the fabric. Make certain the edges will come across in the center of the bit of fabric. After doing so that you can use fabric glue to help keep the folded edges in position.

Add Lace towards the Fabric

You can now cut strips of lace for the current bit of fabric. Give a strip of lace to every lengthy advantage on your fabric piece. You should use fabric glue to help keep the lace in position. This will give a boarder of lace for your bow.

Produce a Bow

Once you have added the lace towards the fabric, that you can do the final little bit of folding to produce your bow. Do that by folding the 2 shorter edges from the fabric. The 2 shorter bits of fabric should meet the center of the material. After gluing the perimeters together, the material need to look just like a bow.

Increase The Fabric

If you want, you can include another bit of fabric. This ought to be cut four inches lengthy by four inches wide. Fold all from the edges by about one-half inch. Glue them in position after which place this piece on the middle of the bow. It ought to be right side up.