Take Good Care Of Your Vegan Shoes To Make Them Last Long

Vegan shoes are becoming very popular lately in the UK. Vegan shoes are the alternatives to leather shoes. Those who opt for vegan shoes are either allergic to leather products or they want to stop animal cruelty. We used to have very limited vegan options but today that is not the case. You will be able to find as many vegan options as non-vegan options.

Vegan shoes are available in all models and designs. You can find vegan black creepers, Mary Janes and combat boots. You will therefore not be disappointed not finding what you want among the vegan collections. When you buy your vegan shoes, you should learn how to take good care of them.

Your leather shoes in general are maintenance intense shoes. They need to be polished regularly and stored with extra care. You cannot expose your leather shoes to wet conditions. All these make owning a pair of leather shoes and getting the best value for your money challenging. Vegan shoes on the other hand are not as complicated as your leather shoes to maintain. You will find easy to take care of your vegan shoes.

The maintenance and care instructions vary from one pair of shoes to the other. There are multiple vegan material options out there. When you buy from a reputed store, they will ship the shoes with the maintenance and care instructions. You should adhere to the brand specific and model specific instructions. This will help you get the maximum life out of your shoes.

All the vegan shoes are made of synthetic materials. If you want to clean them always use gentle cleaning agents. Harsh chemical based cleaning agents will make your vegan shoes fade and damage the surface of the material. This will pave way for faster deterioration of the shoes. In most cases, the shoes are wiped clean with wet cloth. They are not exposed to direct sunlight in most cases.

If your brand allows machine wash, make sure not to use the spin cycle and dryer. Using these features will distort the shape of the shoes and even damage it. Always dry your shoes after cleaning in the shade. If you are not going to use your shoes for a long time then it is best to store them in a clean dry place with the old papers stuffed in the shoes. This will help in retaining the shape of the shoes. Store your shoes in shoe bags so that they do not gather dust.

In case, your shoes are exposed to mud, allow it to dry first before you attempt to clean. Once the mud dries, gently tap the shoes until the dried mud falls off. Once all the mud from the shoes drops off, run water from the tap to clean the surface.

These maintenance and care efforts will help in extending the life of the vegan shoes. Be consistent with your shoe care efforts to enjoy the best results.

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