Look for the Smartest Deals in Mirrorless Cameras

Discover the best cameras for those who are just starting out in photography or are looking for cost-effective equipment to make even more incredible photos.

How to choose the photo camera

Photography is one of the arts that have become more popular today. Perhaps this happens because of the countless images that pop up every moment on our screens – the majority made by cell phone and with the sole purpose of making an impact on social networks.

Still, this is a passionate universe and many people decide to buy a camera to become photographers or, at least, to shoot with more quality. With the best mirrorless camera for video you can find your perfection.

With good equipment you can better express your talent and create images that really deserve to be highlighted! So, we have organized this guide to help you make your decision when choosing a camera:

  • Discover the main types of camera on the market
  • Compare and define the right camera type for you
  • Understand the features presented in the data sheet of a digital camera
  • Identify when a camera is ‘good and cheap’
  • See the evaluation of 10 digital camera models to capture quality images

Before going into the technical part, be inspired by the phrase attributed to renowned photographer, “you don’t shoot with your camera, you shoot with all your culture”. Think about what motivates your passion for photography, recognize your goals and define your expectations regarding your purchase. This makes it easier to find the right camera for you.

Main types of digital camera

DSRL, Mirrorless, Superzoom and Compactas, these are the most popular types of digital camera, whether to start shooting professionally or to make images with higher quality than the smartphone. See this brief explanation of each type and refine your search:


DSRL is short for Digital Single Lens Reflex, which means that the camera works with a single lens and internal mirror.

One lens?

Yes, one at a time. DSLRs allow you to change lenses according to the style of the photo. For example, you can use a specific lens to shoot with the background blurred and then change the lens to make a classic portrait.

In addition, what you see on the viewfinder is a reflection of what is seen with the naked eye – that is, an optical (non-digitized) image that accurately shows what will be captured by the machine’s sensor.

This type of camera is usually recommended for professional use, but there are less expensive DSRL camera models, suitable for use at an ‘entry level’ or intermediate level.


As the English name implies, this is a type of digital camera without a mirror. This means that, unlike with DSLRs, the display is not optical. What you see on it, or on an LCD screen, is a scanned image.

Most people are already used to this type of visualization, so what ends up counting more as a differential is the practicality of Mirrorless. By releasing the weight and space dedicated to mirror components, this type of camera is more compact than DSLRs and even allows the use of smaller lenses making it easier to use on trips or events. Mirrorless cameras are also widely used for capturing videos and have been conquering youtubers , who previously used DSLRs more to record their posts.