Enjoying A Shopping Trip When Visiting Bangkok

If you are the type of person that loves to shop till you drop, you will not want to miss some of the shopping opportunities if you travel to Bangkok. Bangkok has many shopping malls from which you can choose to explore, with many excellent bargains available. If you are heading to Bangkok soon and want to know what the shopping is like, below are some of the delights on offer that will see your credit card taking a battering.

Top Designer Fashion Brands

If you love your designer fashion brands then you are in luck when you go shopping in Bangkok, with many designer outlets throughout the city in the various shopping malls. Whether you are looking for some designer shoes, a designer handbag, or any other type of clothing, you can find plenty of choices from which to choose when you walk around the high-end shopping malls such as EmQuartier or Emporium.

High-Quality Jewellery

Bangkok is a primary trading centre in South East Asia and is known worldwide for the precious metals and coloured gemstones available. There are many skilled artisans in Bangkok, creating beautiful handmade jewellery from various precious metals and with a variety of gems. You can also haggle on the price with many vendors, so you can often purchase rings, necklaces, bracelets, or silver earrings wholesale when you buy multiple items. With the gold price being so high currently, silver is an excellent alternative and is more durable than gold, so jewellery made with this can last much longer.


You will also find a wide selection of cosmetics available from the most well-known brands worldwide, and often at much lower prices than you can buy them in your home country. You will need to be careful as many cosmetics often contain bleach as many Asian women prefer whiter skin, so choosing the wrong product may end up bleaching your tan from your stay in Thailand.

Electronic & Gadgets

Bangkok is also an excellent destination to purchase electronics, and there is plenty of choices available no matter what you are looking to buy. You also have the added benefit of claiming back the tax on the product, which is 7% of the price, so ensure that you take your passport with you when you go shopping. You can purchase televisions, laptops, mobile phones, games consoles, and a wide variety of electronic gadgets and toys, with something for everyone available. No matter what you want to go shopping for, Bangkok has it all, all you need to do is spend a little time searching, barter on the price, and you can get yourself some fantastic shopping deals.