Deshkegaurav: Timex Group celebrating our COVID-19 heroes with TMX

Just three months back, everything seemed perfectly normal – the schools were open, businesses were running, markets were busy – and in an instant everything came to a standstill. The normalcy we were cherishing back then was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The mysterious virus made its dramatic entry to our lives and completely turned it upside down.

According to Worldometer, till date, India has 227,273 coronavirus cases. The good news is that around 109,462 patients have been recovered till now. India, the second most populous nation in the world, has been able to control the situation by following strict measures like lockdown and social distancing.

But, how does it become possible?

While the majority of us are confined to our homes, thanks to the nationwide lockdown, our frontline workers kept working day in and day out to ensure citizens’ safety without caring a bit about themselves. If not for them, the situation could have been really worse.

From the healthcare workers who took care of the COVID-19 victims without thinking twice about their health to the sanitary workers who made sure that our surroundings remain hygienic, from the policemen who kept standing all drenched in sweat outside the containment zones without a proper meal and water to the home delivery guys who never let you skip your meals amid lockdown, our frontline workers never said ‘NO’ to their duties. They kept working hard to safeguard us from the deadly coronavirus, no matter what. And, perhaps, this is the reason why we could all survive the lockdown.

Now, it’s our responsibility to show our deepest regards to the ‘heroes of our society’ who relentlessly worked for us even in these tough times.

To celebrate their acts of valour, Timex, one of the most prominent watch manufacturing brands, has announced #Deshkegaurav campaign which aims at acknowledging the efforts made by these brave souls, so we can remain safe and sound.

#Deshkegaurav campaign by Timex Group

There is nothing possible without proper time management. If our corona warriors have not been managing their time well, the country would have suffered a great loss. Before coronavirus pandemic, you must have bought men or women watches online in India to gift them to your near and dear ones who mean a lot to you. With the same thought in mind, Timex Group through its TMX brand has launched a campaign to thank our frontline workers by gifting them TMX watches for the next 10 days i.e. till 12th June 2020.

The idea is to encourage people to nominate the frontline workers by tagging them on the Facebook page of TMX. People can also post their names along with their pictures and a short description of their work in difficult COVID-19 times. The brand has also collaborated with TV stars Karan Patel Sanjeeda Shaikh and to help spread the message across. He has urged people to participate in large numbers and become the reason of at least one frontline worker’s smile who did not give up a bit, so you remain healthy and your smiles, intact.

If you also want to contribute your bit and show gratitude to our frontline workers, visit the TMX Facebook page ( and nominate the frontline workers for the good work they have been doing throughout. May be your one mention can bring loads of happiness to someone else’s life who did not think twice before stepping out of his or her home and helped the citizens in every way possible.

What’s more? If you are already looking forward to buy a wristwatch online, this is the best time to indulge in #Deshkegaurav campaign by Timex Group as you may also get a chance to win a TMX watch for yourself, that too without investing a penny!