4 Tips to Follow When Buying Stanchion Ropes Online

So there is a big event planned up or your business is doing so well that you have run out of space for your customers to wait for. Or maybe you are trying to strut your new car at the car dealership. If you can relate to these, then you may need some crowd control. You need a crowd control stanchions that entail the glamor of your success and makes your audience feel like a herd of sheep and more like a star who is escorted to the event. On the basis of your due diligence on ropes, you may end up a bit overwhelmed with the options. But don’t worry, this article will make it easy for you.

  1. Location matters

Select the ideal material on the basis of your location where the ropes will be used at. Ask yourself if the event is classy or indoor, if yes, then go for velvet ropes or Naugahyde ropes. If the event is organized outdoors, then Poly Hemp or Polypropylene ropes are the best. Ensure that you keep in mind the environment you are hosting the event at. You don’t want a wet velvet rope on a rainy day.

  1. Match with the metals

The polished finishes are shiny and the satin finishes are more into muted and more matte as well. Ensure that the end of the ropes match with your stanchion or the wall loop finish. The last thing you may want to end up is with opening a new package to find that you ordered satin rope ends and find polished chrome stanchion inside. What a bad day already.

  1. Experiment with colors

Going with the red velvet rope is the most classic choice, but always keep your mind open when it comes to coordinating with colors. If the decorations are all blue, go for a blue rope. If the decorations have a lot of browns and wood in your space, then go for a green rope. If the event is at the daytime, then a blue rope would be perfect for you. Always make sure to keep the color theme of the event in mind when it comes to selecting the velvet stanchion ropes.

  1. Get the swag

The swag is influenced by two factors’: rope type and stanchion placement. Rope type is important as some materials could be heavy which increases the swag of the rope. Heavy duty velour, polypropylene ropes and poly hemp are heavy that weigh the rope down to give away an elegant rope swag. Economy ropes are those ropes made with light materials and cost cheap as well.